Tuesday, 7 February 2017

4 Tips For Events Planning

Having organised, run and managed various business meetings and events for business leaders, directors, founders, business owners and entrepreneurs, here are some simple tips for your events planning.

1. Understand your audience and their needs, wants and desires so that you can organise your event effectively. People and guests coming to a wedding or business network meeting or party will be expecting pleasure but in different ways based on the type of event you are running.

2. Select a suitable venue to run your event. It can be a very pleasant hotel, pleasant bar, pleasant restaurant, local Government council venue based on the type of event you are planning.

3.Have effective schedule and planning for your event and an idea of the numbers of people and guests attending. For example an business network meeting or presentation with 30 people will be effective in some venues, but not suitable in for 10,000 attendees for that business network event.

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4. Select a correct pleasant peaceful and positive environment since all your guests and visitors deserve a pleasant and enjoyable experience. An event in the London Shard Skyscraper, Walk Talkie Skyscraper, Heron Tower Skyscraper are all great for business network meetings for business leaders to network. However, it may not be suitable for a wedding event, since another venue would be more suitable.

5. Work with some good team members to run your event as well so the event is run more effectively. These can be graduates or even full time works depending on the event.  

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